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Backpacks are unique upgrades that expand the number of items you can carry in your inventory beyond the initial 70. Each Backpack increases your maximum inventory by 10.

Backpack Locations[]


Backpacks are found with specific traders across Amalur. Their price will decrease as you take ranks in the Mercantile skill.

Merchant Name Area Location Cost Details
Illyn Doldran Mel Senshir 8750g
Rikka Egest Gorhart Village The Corner Shop 7500g
Riona Helt Ysa Asker's Alley 7200g PREREQUISITE: Complete Old Friends, New Foes main quest
Senecer Macit Adessa Domus Politica 8125g
Wil Donall Rathir
(Upper City)
Scholia Arcana 9375g
Ampelio Idylla Idylla Market 6250g Teeth of Naros DLC required
Calum Toomey Gravehal Keep
(After Restoration)
Legend of Dead Kel DLC required
NOTE: Does not increase stash size
Removed in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning
Dolan Hardy The Westroad Southern encampment near the Dalentarth road 5500g Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Fatesworn DLC required
Ferrin Shaw Crownhold South of city gate 5500g Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Fatesworn DLC required

Other Locations[]

  • The Fatesworn DLC adds three Backpacks that can be obtained from a chest in the Boggart Fight Club secret area. See Pet Flute for details on how to access this area.


  • It is possible to obtain an unlimited amount of backpacks by exploiting a flaw in the NPC respawn system. If Illyn Doldran is murdered and the Fateless One sleeps for 4 in-game days he will respawn and his inventory will be reset. This allows the Fateless One to buy another backpack from him. If Illyn Doldran Drop Coins/Loots, He won't Respawn until The Fateless One Pick the loot, and You can't Pick it when surrounded by Guards turned Hostile, to counter this you can use Minor Phasewalk Potion right after you killed him, pick the loots then go to sleep 4 days and he will Respawn.
  • Be wary of using weapons or skills that produce any considerable amount of knockback. When doing the "Unlimited Backpack Exploit", Illyn Doldran can sometimes change his re-spawn positioning depending on what position his body died in when you kill him. Even worse is the possibility of him glitching through the game-world and disappearing completely - rendering his services as NPC, as well as the exploit, un-doable (the mini-map of Mel Senshir, as well as the game itself, fails to register him anymore if such a situation occurs, so please be careful when doing the aforementioned exploit). Make Sure to Save everytime before you kill Illyn Doldran.

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