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Einar Abergast had somehow gone mad after years of solitude in his great house. He believed himself one of Belen's Testament and planned to kill as much of Rathir as he could. But it seems the roots of this began with Coriana Anwon, who long ago spurned his love and left him to bitter solitude.


  • Talk to Onfei Cather in the upper city of Rathir. She will ask you to talk to Coriana Anwon about her son's sickness.
  • Coriana Anwon asks you to find Lapidus in the Acathan wetlands and to bring it to her son Mallion.
  • Obtain the Lapidus Root (it's to the southeast of the cave Gloamthicket in the region of Acatha).
  • Bring the herb back to House Anwon and give it to Mallion Anwon.
  • Mallion remembers being given some wine before his incident.  Speak to Coriana.
  • Coriana rewards with level-based Gold(but no XP) and offers more if you can find out who was the poisoner.
  • Show the poisoned wine to Rhudlyn Rhewani in The Pryderi.
  • Report the Favian Tyrn that Einar Abergast poisoned Mallion Anwon, he will send several members of the watch to Abergast Residence.
  • Confront Einar Abergast about the poisoning at his house. After entering the house you see Abergast's servant on the floor killed in cold blood. Einar claims it was what the servant wanted.
  • Defeat Einar Abergast.
    • If two persuasion checks are passed Einar admits guilt and explains that after he was spurned by Coriana he gave himself over to Belen, the god of Death. Then he kills himself.
    • You can loot his body for Death's Vestments and house after he is dead.
  • Speak to Coriana and be rewarded (XP & Gold, both level-based, and Orieator's Shield).


Some notable loot found includes:


  • Coriana Anwon was once engaged to Einar Abergast, her family made her break that vow.
  • In the back of the Abergast House, there's a desk that contains the diary of Einar Abergast titled: "To Her" and provides additional insight on why Einar Abergast turned from a lover into a priest of Belen, the god of death.
  • Succeeding the two persuasion attempts will actually earn you less experience, since you don't get to kill Einar and his minions.


  • There appears to be a bug where Einar Abergast disappears after defeated rendering the quest incompletable. Leaving and re-entering the building does not seem to solve the problem but causes the game to freeze as if trying to enter a dialogue but cannot. (Further investigation required on how to bypass this bug.)