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The Ballads Oratory is an important location to the House of Ballads. In time gone by, it was pivotal to their ritual of The Telling, their re-enactment of past victories to ensure that heroes of the Fae are always remembered. By the time of the Fateless One's arrival, the waning magic in Amalur combined with discrepancies in the Telling have left the Oratory largely unused.


The Oratory is relatively small in size, and is essentially a smaller variation on the House itself. As it was intended mostly as a gathering place for the Telling, there is lilttle else there. Entry to the Oratory is restricted to only those who hold a Ballads Signet Ring, meaning the Fateless One must first become a member of the House of Ballads.


The Oratory is situated in the far south of Ettinmere, in south-west Dalentarth.


The following NPCs can be found in or near this building:


Several things of note can be found here:


The following services can be found in or near this building:


The following items found in this building can be looted, looting from them is considered Stealing:

  • Chest x 1


The following reagents can be harvested here: