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Some call him the last hero. Others, the first sellsword. Say what you like, he saved our Order from the brink of irrelevance. Ballegar had a clear vision of our future: honorable work fighting for hire. As for our past, it went to the Chronicler Dorian, so it would not be forgotten. - Lirin Cynric.


Ballegar was a commander of the Warsworn. He is cited by Lirin Cynric as having been the commander at a time when the Niskaru-hunting was the Warsworn's purpose and the Niskaru were no longer a threat. In order to save the Warsworn from irrelevance, he hired out the Warsworn as mercenaries.

Ballegar was succeeded as Commander of the Warsworn by Shepard.


Ballegar's sword, Fortune, can be found by the Fateless One.