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A Niskaru Lord is an immense being of pure chaos.

Gwyn AnwyHall of the Firstsworn


The Balor is the largest of the Niskaru, an ancient Niskaru Lord of destruction, and a being of immense power - so powerful, in fact, that no living being bound by the tapestry of fate was ever fated to defeat him.

Balor's powers of chaos are so strong that even the land is tainted and corrupted in Balor's wake, becoming a barren wasteland on which nothing will thrive for decades to come. Being one of the great Niskaru Lords Balor can summon and control lesser Niskaru en masse, and the taint chaos he leaves in his wake acts as a catalyst, allowing yet more Niskaru to cross over at will.

Balor's sheer size allows it to topple castle walls and towers with ease, and his powerful claws can carve land and mountain alike. But Balor's true power lies in its eye - whenever it's open the Balor can unleash a devastating beam attack which burns through every protection, physical or magical.

Empowered by massive quantities of prismere, Gadflow and his Tuatha managed to summon Balor and enter into a pact that enabled them to use Balor's immense power to devastate the combined Alfar allied forces, driving them back to Mel Senshir and starting a siege that would last for years.

Attacks and behavior[]

Balor uses three types of attacks:

  • Eye Beam - A devastating beam of light, unleashed from its eye. Burns the ground in a single line.
  • Beam Sweep - A variation on the beam attack, Balor sweeps the beam across the open area.
  • Sweep - Balor sweeps its claw across the field. It's easy to avoid by moving away from Balor.
  • Stab - Balor slams its claws into the ground. This opens it to melee attacks.


  • Most of the time Balor is outside melee range, therefore it is advisable to use ranged weapons to bring him down faster.
  • He will attempt to kill the Fateless One by using his beam and sweep attacks.
  • Eventually he will use his stab attack, which will lodge his claw in the ground making Balor susceptible to melee attacks.
  • If the Fateless One causes enough damage at this point Balor will fall forwards and its head will be exposed to melee attacks.
  • Soon after Balor will rise up and the sequence will repeat.
  • A really easy way to win this fight on any difficulty is to do enough damage so that his head goes down and then fateweave, his head may rise up again but will fall back down a second later. With enough damage this could end the fight in seconds.


  • Balor is based on the Irish god of death, destruction and the underworld. He was the leader of a race of giants known as the Formor before being defeated by his grandson Lug the Long-Handed, the god of Light (in a twist of fate reminiscent of the hostilities between Zeus and Kronos in Greco-Roman mythology), who pierced him through the eye with a weapon much in the same way as the Fateless One. Balor's eye was said to be so huge that four lesser gods were needed to lift the eyelid, much like the lone Niskaru in the game; however, all who fell beneath Balor's gaze knew an immediate, unpreventable death. 
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