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Banraun is the local smithy of the town of Ayten.


He can always be found at the Hammer Smithy, in the village of Ayten, within the Wolds.


  • Ratofer's Pawns


    Welcome to the smithy.
    Welcome to the Clanging Hammer. Don't see many new faces in Ayten these days. My forge is open.

    upon your first meeting.

    Back for more smithy work? Or looking to use the forge on your own? Either way, shop's open.

    subsequent greeting

    So you're Ratofer's proxy. I heard that someone was helping him out of his money problems. Well, that misfortune couldn't have happened to a nicer person. He was the richest Alfar in the town - until he lost his shirt in the war. But that looks to be good silver. I'll take it off your hands.

    upon your response: I have some silverware to sell.

    Before Tala-Rane fell to ruin, it was Ayten's fields and villagers that stocked and supplied the various citadels there. But the war hit us hard. Bandits plague the roads. Even Rond Farm has burned to soot.

    when asked about Ayten.

    They have been lingering around The Wolds. Be cautious on the roads out there. Those Freemen like to sneak up on wanderers.

    when asked about the Freemen.

    It's quiet here. Farmland, mainly. But between Rond Farm and the Freemen, we've got our own worries.

    when asked about the Wolds.

    Forge is yours, whenever you need.


    • Despite what he says, he does not offer a vendor service.