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A Barghest, stalking his prey.

The barghest is a large wolf like creature found all throughout Amalur. They may look like a bigger wolf but they are actually a wild Fae.

They are often found in groups and are dangerous if they manage to surround you with its fellow pack members.

There are 3 variations of the Barghest:

  • Barghest (This page)
  • Arcane Barghest: The Arcane Barghest's attack drains the player's Mana if it connects.
  • Paragon Barghest (Scholia Arcana Storyline exclusive)


Average Health: Y^ x 30 x N^^

Weaknesses, both for Arcane and normal: Bleeding, Poison. Resists Ice.

Location: Dalentarth, Detyre, Plains of Erathell

Attacks: Bite, Claw


^ - Player's level

^^ - Difficulty (1 = easy. 2 = Medium. 4 = Hard)


  • The Barghest is most likely a reference to the supernatural Barguest of Anglo-Irish origin. In tales of old, this creature would take the form of a monstrous mastiff, complete with horns, fangs, and fiery eyes. Though sometimes it did take the form of a headless woman or white rabbit that bursts into flames (yes, really). Its sudden appearance is an omen of impending disaster, and should anyone cross its path then they shall receive a terrible wound that would never heal.