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Basic Attacks PS Button Sq/Xbox360 Button X/LMB (primary), PS Button Tri/Xbox360 Button Y/LMB (secondary) are flexible attacks, useful in almost all situations for dealing damage. They vary from single to multiple target, short to long range, very fast to very slow, and so on.

They are unique in the fact that the player can interrupt them at any point by using any action except for sprinting and entering Stealth - no other action shares this characteristic. Most normal enemies in the game are always staggered by Basic Attacks; both these points make Basic Attacks a highly versatile damage option that preserves the player's freedom of action.

This leads to many practical combat uses such as attacking one enemy to keep it staggered, while still being able to Parry or Dodge an oncoming attack from a different angle reactively in the middle of an attack.

Attack Chain[]

All weapons' Basic Attacks (with the exception of longbows and sceptres) progress through a Basic Attack Chain; a set sequence of attacks, ending in a final attack that acts like a Move. During any part of the Chain except for the final attack, the player can use Active Abilities, Block, Dodge and Parry.

Final attack[]

The final attack of a Basic Attack Chain has higher damage than the previous attacks in the Chain, applies damage-over-time status effects found on weapons, rewards Fate Energy and knocks enemies back or contributes more towards staggering/stunning an enemy. It cannot be interrupted by the player until the after-cast, and even then, it follows more restrictive rules for self-interrupting:

Interrupted by Not interrupted by
Active ability Attack from other weapon

This allows the player to keep an enemy stagger-locked by attacking until they reach the end of their weapon's Chain, casting an ability such as Harpoon and then starting another Basic Attack Chain.

Alternatively, two weapons can be used to achieve the same stagger-lock, by switching attacks between each so that the end of the Attack Chain is never reached. This is because Basic Attack Chains are reset as soon as the player stops the Chain.


  • The timing of Basic Attacks can be delayed to perform Delayed Moves.
  • Basic Attacks with longbows and sceptres don't have a Chain, don't have delayed Moves and require multiple attacks to eventually cause stagger.