Battle Frenzy
Basic Info
Class Might
Prerequisites 35 points in Might
Tier 4
Levels 5 (+2)
Type Sustained
Go into a berserker rage, dealing greater and greater amounts of damage with each enemy you defeat in a short time.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Battle Frenzy is a Might-based ability. The character is put into a berserker rage for a short period of time, dealing greater amounts of damage with each enemy defeated.

Levels[edit | edit source]

There are 5 levels of Battle Frenzy, with two more available via ability bonuses. Note that the first kill grants 10% bonus damage, then the second kill grants 20% bonus damage; further bonuses are unlocked according to the table below. Also note that each kill resets the bonus's duration. Battle Frenzy has a sustained mana cost equal to 30% of your maximum Mana.

Level Maximum damage bonus unlocked Kill # for maximum damage bonus Buff duration
1 +20% 2 10 seconds
2 +40% 3 11 seconds
3 +60% 4 12 seconds
4 +80% 5 13 seconds
5 +100% 6 15 seconds
6 +100% 6 17 seconds
7 +100% 6 20 seconds

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