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To acquire this quest, talk to Faitir Scaith in the region of Tala-Rane, located along the eastern side, below the pass into Kandrian.


Once you finish talking to Faitir Scaith after accepting the mission, he will make his way towards the Dolve Wayle castle, located in the middle of Tala-Rane, close to Faitir's position. After accepting, you may follow him or continue to do missions at you leisure; he will wait for you inside the castle.

Note: Save once entering Dolve Wayle. There are 2 persuasion attempts inside the keep if you are going for the achievement.

As soon as you enter the castle, you will notice the last Scaith on your minimap, close to the entrance, in a small camp (with an unlocked chest there). Simply walk up to him, and he will start running towards his goal (be sure to grab the Edelweiss and the Star Thistle on the way); just follow him, for now (and save your game, since the upcoming conversation will trigger automatically, because of a persuasion check that offers a bit of insight into Faitir's motives).

The aforementioned conversation will take place the moment that Faitir reaches the chain that controls the Solemn Bell, your first mission target. He will ask you to protect him from a group of Faer Gorta (5 of them in Normal difficulty) while he swings the chain (he will actually pray to the chain, if you take a look at him while fighting), and talk to you again after defeating them. A Star Thistle and a Softscrabble Deposit can be found nearby.

After a bit more walking, Faitir will stop in his tracks, and claim that he can't face "The Scrivener", bookkeeper of the Scaiths in the past, now the most powerful of the foes in Dolve Wayle. He will want you to kill him, as he allegedly can't do so on his own. You must do it, since it blocks the path to the Codex Scaith, second target of the mission (grab the Star Thistle right next to Faitir before fighting the Scrivener). Your foe, though tough, is not otherworldly powerful; just a glorified Faer Gorta. Faitir will rush in as soon as the Scrivener falls, and start a new conversation: he's found the Codex Scaith, and he needs a moment to erase his name from it. Of course, the Faer Gorta are always lurking around, and will try to attack you while Faitir sits comfortably on a chair to read his precious Codex. After defeating them, save once again, for the follow-up conversation has a persuasion check that adds more doubts on Faitir's intentions.

When you're done, follow Faitir and exit the library (and average-locked chest can be found on the alleyway). He will start looking for his Birth Candle (your last target), but it is missing; Faitir will suggest that the First, the first cursed (and undying) Scaith, took it, and facing him will be necessary. Save here once again, as the next phase of the mission involves a decision that changes the outcome of the quest.

Follow Faitir for the final time (grabbing the Edelweiss on the way). A door will open itself, and you will be introduced to the First. A new conversation ensues, where the First finally reveals Faitir's true intentions (which come as no surprise, given Faitir's suspicious behavior throughout the quest) and presents you with a choice: help him to kill Faitir outright, or talk to him to discover his plans. Either way, you need to choose a side and kill the other. Siding with the First makes Faitir hostile, and will attack you with magic; joining Faitir prompts the First to summon a group of Faer Gorta, whom you will have to kill along with its master. No matter your choice, the mission will end and you will be rewarded by the survivor (level-dependent gold and XP, and the Vault Key, that allows access to a relic from the Lyria's Lost quest) and an Aster Strongbox is found in the room where the final fight takes place.


  • Regardless of which side is chosen during the quest, Faer Gorta are neither removed from Amalur nor turned into allies.


  • The quest name may be a reference to the play "Bell, Book and Candle" by John van Druten.
  • The quest name may also be a reference to a line from the play Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, first performed in 1594, about a man who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for great power.
  • The quest name is also a reference to the Catholic Church's rite of excommunication (anathema), first recorded in the late 9th century.


  • Faitir can occasionally become stuck and will not move, preventing the quest from continuing.
    • If Faitir stuck (doing nothing and saying "focus") attempt to attack him (don't kill) then walk away and return to him. He should start talking. After that run down the stairs to the closed gate, it should open.
  • PS3: Siding with the First does not give you the Vault Key to Dolve Wayle. (Fixed)