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Berenike is a historian and a researcher of Idylla. She has a passion to study and learn the history of the Kollossae, believing that it is extremely important to never forget the roots of her people.

Much to the surprise of her Kollossae peers, she has gone out to study the Trolls of the Teeth of Naros. She notes that most had been killed or chased away when her people first arrived, but the ones who have remained have recently begun to act strangely. She has observed the trolls strange behavior first hand, watching a few of them digging and uncovering strange urns. The only thing she knows is that the urns are magical, and hold a very dark power power that she has never seen before.


At her camp, Berenike's Camp, in the Teeth of Naros.


You must be the Beckoned. The blessed visitor from an unknown land.