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In the quest Order of Operations Cassera Vonn, Bertran Nest, and Aloren fled from the Scholia Arcana after trying to steal Quintis' gem. Quintis sends you to look for them for they might be in danger. You find Bertran north of Rundamir near a large tree laying dead.


Cassera died. Killed by Brownies. Aloren was sad at first. Fancied her, I think. Then he said that it was her fault that we got caught, said she hadn't researched the ward enough.

Aloren and I had never seen a spell like it. And when it went off in our faces, the whole Chapter House knew what was happening.

We fled to the Sidhe. But as we left, Aloren said it was Cassera's fault that we were stuck in the wilds with nothing to our name. Then he started calling me dead weight. Said he'd fix me if I couldn't keep up.


  • Bertran's Journal, along with Aloren's Journal and Cassera's Journal are items that once obtained, cannot be stored in your stash. The only way to dispose them is by selling the items.