This page lists all manner of beast and wild fae encountered in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and the various DLCs.

Creature Weak Resist Description


N/A N/A A Niskaru warlord. A Niskaru is seen on top of the head of the Balor opening its eye. It can shoot a deadly beam out of its eye, which inflicts massive damage. Its sheer size allows it to topple castle walls and towers with ease.


Bleeding Lightning, Physical, Piercing A large, naga-like creature. She attacks with a very strong charge. Banshaen can call lightning, which is additionally strengthened by any surrounding Murghans.


Poison, Bleeding Ice Large hound-like monsters with a vicious bite. They're fast and their lunges have enough force behind them to unbalance a heavily-armored warrior. They often travel in packs, surrounding their prey and tearing it to pieces.


N/A Physical, Piercing Strong creatures from the woods. They resemble their real life counter parts.


Fire Lightning, Immune to Bleeding.

Plaguebearers resist poison.

Enchanted wooden forest creatures. They are weak, but nimble and usually travel in groups. Can often be found following a Thresh.


Poison None Massive one-eyed, battle-hardened humanoids. They use swords and shields, and some wear pieces of heavy plate armor. Their beastmasters can control Barghests.


N/A Poison Small, big-headed goblins that inhabit the forests of Dalentarth. Their teeth are razor-sharp, and some can spread diseases. Brownies are not normally aggressive unless threatened, unless controlled by a Crudok to bring it fresh corpses.


N/A Immune to Poison Poisonous, scorpion-like terrors that burrow underground. They wear a white bony mask, but show their true monstrous faces when engaging an enemy. They spit venom, summon pestilent swarms to weaken their victims, and are known to pounce on enemies from far away or skewer them with their tails. Crudok feed on corpses and can control Brownies and use them as servants.


N/A Physical.

Casters additionally resist Lightning and Piercing.

Two-headed warmongers. Some wear a light armor made of wood, others are heavily armed with an axe and an armor made of skulls and bones. They are brutal and fearless, and are capable of devastating charge attacks. Their Shamans wield lightning as a weapon.

Faer Gorta

N/A Immune to Poison, Bleeding Undead creatures, often found in groups. They are resistant to poison and bleeding damage and can be summoned and controlled with magic.

Giant Rat

N/A Poison Big scavengers from sewers and caves. A single rat is weak, but in large groups they are not be underestimated. Rats carry debilitating diseases which can easily spread through bites.


Physical, Piercing. Casters additionally resist Ice.
Jottun are giant brutes armed with a massive hammer and armored with thick steel. They fearless and proud, and some of them can use primitive ice magic through runes.


N/A N/A Kobolds are feral mammalian creatures that mostly inhabit caves, and can sometimes be found in deep forests. Kobolds are incredibly territorial. They know how to use tools and weapons, stealth, and craft crude explosives. They hunt in packs and prefer to ambush their targets with a mixture of ranged, melee, and stealth attackers.


Pierce, Ice. "Ancient" not weak to Ice. N/A A Leanashe is fast and possesses strong melee and magic attacks. Their powerful magic allows them to cast illusion spells to lure victims, though this is never seen mid-battle. Leanashe feed on fresh corpses, and are drawn to dark places with a bloody history. They mostly hunt alone, but can sometimes be encountered in groups of 2 or 3.


N/A Lightning Murghan are reptilian humanoids, the progeny of Banshaen. They wield charged tridents and are resistant to lightning. Murghan mostly live in caves or near bodies of stagnant or slow-moving water.


Tyrant/Horrinox weak to Ice.


Bloodhunters immune to Bleeding.

Tyrant/Horrinox resist Physical, Piercing, immune to Fire.

Sometimes Fire/Ice immunity/weakness is inverted for Horrinox.

Niskaru are ancient demonic creatures of chaos and destruction. They have been driven out of Amalur by the ancient order of the Warsworn, but can still be found in the darkest places in the land.


Bleeding, Poison Ice, Lightning for Alphas The Pteryx is a giant flightless bird, resembling the prehistoric Pterodactyls. They are aggressive and fiercely territorial, often found in flocks led by an alpha specimen. Pteryx are able to shock their prey using a medium-range lightning attack.

Root Golem

N/A Physical, Piercing, all three elements A massive construct animated by magic from rocks and roots. Can quickly travel underground to surprise its enemies, send shockwaves by hitting the ground with its fist, or launch a barrage of rock splinters.


N/A N/A Insectoid creatures similar to the Niskaru, encountered at Gallows End. They are not native to the island, but have arrived after infesting passing ships.

Son of Laz

N/A Immune to Poison and Bleeding Undead, zombie-like creatures originated from a Gnomish experiment. Usually slow but strong nevertheless. Their attacks can be easily predicted and countered but keep your distance if you can help it, the recovery time from their attacks (feels) longer and you will get pounded.


Fire Poison Excellent hunters and the symbols of fear, these horrids mostly attack in groups. They kill unweary travelers with both the element of surprise and deadly venom.


Varies with Champion presence Varies with Champion presence Wild, elementally-aligned fae creatures. Most often attack in packs. The sprite soldier isn’t formidable alone, but when soldiers are paired with a sprite champion, they will gain the elemental attacks and resistances of their leader.


Fire Immune to Bleeding Powerful and mysterious spirits found in the woods, often accompanied by groups of Boggarts. Considered by Fae to be "perfect beings" that are all-rounded, excelling in melee and ranged combat, strong yet agile.


N/A Physical, Piercing, all three elements Trolls are slow, massive beasts with incredibly thick hides and unbelievable strength, which is additionally fuelled by their rage. Trolls are highly armored and resistant to magic, and possess devastating melee attacks. They're also capable of ranged attacks which, although weaker, can prove a nuisance.


N/A N/A Aggressive canines that hunt in packs. After each howl, it 'bites and run', making it a cunning but predictable foe. Seen all around Amalur.

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