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Just about the only damn thing keeping the town from falling to pieces... literally. It's a blacksmith's job....


Billis Aideh is a blacksmith in Canneroc. He is the son of Beckry Aideh, who runs the inn and manages a store inside the inn.


Billis Aideh can be found in The Silken Seat inn, in Canneroc.


As a blacksmith, Billis can repair weapons and armor, for a fee.


After completing the quest A Tangled Web, he can provide the upgrades for Gossamer End. Each time, the house is filled with some items so make sure to visit it each time you buy the expansions.

At 9.00 AM he will get out of The Silken Seat to patrol the town for about 3 hours. During that time the House upgrades are considerably cheaper (25% of the price asked inside the inn).


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