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This book is one in a series of books featuring the People's hero Black Arick (aka "the Spritely One") and his adventures across Amalur.


Black Arick and the Hanged Men - Chapter XI. Dead Kel

"Black Arick raised his bright blade and held it to the villain's throat, perspiration dampening his palms with a sickly sweat. The wound in his side bled freely now, tainting the waves with its bitter tang, and the sharks tore through each other to reach it, engulfed in the delicious gore. Yet, the Spritely One was not afraid, for in his heart he hid the lovely Mya, and no gnashing teeth or bandit's blade could ever reach her stowed away in that protected chamber, the room within his heart.

"Do you yield?" cried our hero exhorting his plea loudly as to counter the deafening tumult of the sea's mighty crash. Beneath them, the deck of the ship pitched and rolled as a barghest in deep slumber, its planks awash with a briny bubble that sent flecks of foam high in the air and choked the senses with its salty spray.

The hero, his companions, the pirate crew and even the lowly prisoners and slaves shackled fast in the black maw of the ship's great, dank hold, held their breaths as Black Arick's words rose up above them, taking flight like a sea bird borne for shore. They waited, watching the bodies of the dead wash back and forth across the decks as the mighty winds and waves of the Frostbreak spun the ship as a small boy might push a stick down a stream, tossing it with the utmost disregard and violence. So too did the lost souls of the Stormbreaker twist through the growing storm.

The villain released a vile chuckle. "I will not yield," he spoke, his words like the gray engraving on a headstone. "Dead Kel" does not yield."