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Blacksmithing and salvaging can be exploited to acquire sought-after components through the use of save-scumming. This is done by "transferring" effects from one component to another.


  1. Acquire a component that has the desired effects.
  2. Craft an item with that component, making sure it can drop the sought-after component when salvaged):
    • select any core component
    • select any required support component
    • select the optional support component that you currently have
    • skip the other optional support component
    • skip the gem
  3. Save the game.
  4. Salvage the item. If the sought-after component doesn't drop, then
  5. Reload and repeat steps 4 and 5 until it drops.


Using a longsword as an example; you have a Flawless Damaging Grip and you want to transfer the +30% Damage effect to rivets, thus creating Flawless Damaging Rivets:

  1. Acquire a component that has the desired effects, e.g. Flawless Damaging Grip.
  2. Craft the longsword:
    • select any blade (core component - can't be skipped)
    • select any hilt (required support component - can't be skipped)
    • skip the rivets
    • select Flawless Damaging Grip as the grip
    • skip the gem
  3. Save the game.
  4. Salvage the longsword. If the Flawless Damaging Rivets do not drop, then
  5. Reload and repeat steps 4 and 5 until they drop.


  • This has been tested to work with bindings, grips and rivets as optional components (still requires testing as required support components).
  • The transfer of effects from gems:
    • To core components has not been confirmed.
    • May not be possible with lining, string or trim needs confirmation.
  • It can be surmised that this exploit will only produce items that can be found normally in the game, e.g. it is impossible to use Flawless Sunlight Bindings to obtain +20% Damage during Daytime on a hilt, as such an item doesn't exist.
  • Many desirable components can be found in The Teeth of Naros (when scaled to max level), in the chests (normal, warded and locked), on enemies and in NPCs' inventories (through pickpocketing), either by themselves or on a salvagable item.
  • Many desirable components may be found in Moondown Camp (last area of main storyline) and Rathir. In Rathir, go to the Pride of Pryderi and in Moondown, find the only merchant there.