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Bleeding damage is a damage-over-time effect that increases damage taken from Physical attacks.


Like Poison Damage, bleeding is a status effect so the damage reduces your opponents health by a set amount, usually over a set period of time (given in seconds), for instance 5 damage over 5 seconds. However, some weapons, such as the Rend and Carver daggers, The Titan Spear greatsword, or the Torment longsword, seem not to have any particular time limit listed for the bleeding damage.

The visual confirmation that an enemy is bleeding is achieved by gouts of arterial blood spraying from your enemy's wounds; this applies even if said enemy seems to lack any circulatory system, as is the case with creatures such as Faer Gorta. While this bleeding is happening, any Physical and Piercing Damage you cause is increased by 33%.


Players who invest in the Finesse abilities can cause bleeding damage with Shadow Flare, and the passive Enduring Agony ability augments the effect of all bleeding and Poison Damage.


The following items can add Bleeding damage: 

Components Gems Potions
Slaughtering Hilt/Handle/Shaft/Fulcrum Gem of Carnage Minor Slashing Fury
Slaughtering Rivets/Bindings/Grip Gem of Hemorrhaging Greater Slashing Fury
Gem of Slaughter Master Slashing Fury

A number of rare items and armor sets grant Bleeding Damage as well.

Bleeding Resistance[]

Some items and abilities grant Bleeding Resistance. It is unclear whether this reduces the duration of bleeding effects or just their damage.

The following items can add Bleeding resistance:

Components Gems Potions
Mending Lining/String Gem of Mending Minor Bleeding Resistance
Rough Scales/Serrated Scales/Barbed Scales Gem of Clotting Greater Bleeding Resistance
Gem of Coagulation Master Bleeding Resistance

A number of rare items and armor sets grant Bleeding Resistance as well.