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Boggart Zealots are a special type of wild fae and although rare, can be found throughout Amalur. These Boggarts act and look similar to Boggart tumblers, but employ a surprisingly deadly tactic. After an unspecified amount of time, they will rush the player and sacrifice themselves in an explosion dealing huge amounts of physical and poison damage.

The Suicidal Boggart:

There is a telltale indicator that a zealot is about to suicide rush. They grasp their mask, and raise it up in a shaking motion. They also start emitting a glow when they do this. If the Boggart is hit during this time, they will start over. The Boggart zealot has higher stun resistance while charging and can travel almost as fast as the player. They run while still clasping their mask.

How to deal with Zealots:

It is best to kill all Zealots before they get a chance to rush you. It may be difficult to get all of them without at least one of them rushing you. If this happens, do not try to fight it with melee unless your skilled with large weaponry. Although a well timed hit with a greatsword or hammer will knock it back, it is far safer to destroy it from afar. Quickly shooting off arrows, scepter bolts or even chackram swipes will not stun a charging zealot. It's best to use a spell from the sorcery tree or to place a trap and let it run right into it. A rushing Boggart zealot will self detonate after a set amount of time. If you have room to run away from the creature, you won't have to put yourself in harms way.