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Boggarts are woodland creatures, seen more often early in the game than later. They are rather weak and often travel in small groups of 3 to 5. They are shock element creatures and are very susceptible to fire attacks.

Upon close inspection, Boggarts appear to be composed of separate pieces suspended in place by some unknown magical force. The appearance of a Boggart also seems to reflect its habitat. For instance, the Urchin Boggarts of Gallows End incorporate turtle shells and seaweed in their armor.

When idle, they are seen attempting to catch a small blue moth-like creature which appears around them spontaneously. The same blue creature is seen flying around places associated with magic, such as the Gardens of Ysa or the temple of Lyria in Rathir.


  • It seems that Boggarts are either religious, or drawn to shrines around Amalur. They can sometimes be seen standing close to a shrine and swaying back and forth with their arms held up and muttering what sounds like chanting.
  • While Boggarts are merely a nuisance they can become quite troublesome when fighting alongside a Thresh being able to interrupt combos or stun the Fateless One enough for the Thresh to attack or recover and fallback.
  • The term 'boggart' comes from English folklore, referring to variety of malevolent spirits.
  • If ran away from, Boggarts may continue chasing the Fateless One across great distances.