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Ain't no merchant, ain't no trader. Got no coin, and got no bread. So what're you needing out of me?


Borm of Bowstrings was once an archer who worked with a mercenary group. When worked dried up or became too dangerous even with big enough payments, his group turned to banditry. Borm turned to drinking instead and eventually ended up in Adessa living in the Hospitalis Quarters in filth and squalor.

He offers the Fateless One training in advanced stealth.


Hospitalis Quarters of Adessa.



If the Fateless One chose to help Adath Skoria in cleaning up Whitestone, he comments afterwards that he's looking to move to Apotyre as it would be a better option then living in Adessa.


Look, not much of a converser. Just bleedin' leave me alone, right?
Used to do a tour or two as an archer with some mercenaries. They turned to banditry, and I... I just turned to ale.

when asked about himself

Ain't the Sandstone Villa, from what I hear... but I've slept worse places, I can promise you that.

when asked about the Hospitalis Quarters

Ain't good at much, but I don't need to be noticed if I ain't lookin' to be. For a bit a coin, I can teach anyone to be the same.

when asked about Stealth Training

Yeah, yeah...

After finishing the quest Opening a Vein in Adath's favor:

Things used to be better here, now Apotyre's looking like the better option thanks to you. Aye, I heard what you did, thanks.

when asked about Adessa

I hear you helped start cleaning it up. I'm sure you have the people's thanks for that.

when asked about Apotyre