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Now don't mistake me. I'm happy at the blacksmith's bench as I am anywhere. I wouldn't trade places with Breid or even Gwyn.


Borri Kura is the resident blacksmith of Helmgard Keep, sharing space with Helmgard's quartermaster in the right wing of the Keep. He keeps a good humor about the castellan's obsession with perfect presentation, though he does comment that the Warsworn are fighters, not prince courtiers.


Borri can be found in Helmgard Keep, beside the blacksmith's forge offering repairs.


Let me guess, you've a cracked hilt, a broken greave-strap, and a scratch on your shiny new shield? Another day in the life of Helmgard's prettiest blacksmith.

upon your first encounter.

If it's rusted, bent, or in splinters, I can mend it. If it's that gold-haired fop, Grian Shane, I can't do a thing for you.

when asked about Blacksmithing.

Now don't mistake me. I'm happy at the blacksmith's bench as I am anywhere. I wouldn't trade place with Breid of even Gywn.

when asked about himself.

She's an odd bobbin, but don't let that throw you. She's a good sort. Grian has her look after the old and dusty sites she loves so.

when asked about Gwyn Anwy.

Our quartermaster. She's right over there; bit of a wet blanket.

when asked about Breid Brurek.

Oh, I know I shouldn't grumble so. Our Castellan's fair enough. It's just all the pageantry. We're fighters, for god's sake, not prince courtiers!

when asked about Grian Shane.

Oh, its fine here, if you don't mind leagues of yellow wheat and the blinding light of Grian's smile. Me? I'd trade here for Mel Senshir in an eye-blink.

when asked about Helmgard Keep.

What's there? Why, the war! History waiting to be made! That, and my brother Sverri, where he serves as High Commander.

when asked about Mel Senshir.

Older, uglier, and luckier than yours truly. Me, mending swords. Him, leading the Warsworn in Klurikon. Ah! Listen to me. I'm just green with envy, that's all.

when asked about his brother, Sverri Kura.

Right, then.