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Brae Folmoric is a hireling of the Warsworn.


Brae Folmoric stands at Warden's Bridge together with two other hirelings, Wyl Rendig and Curran Crand. Just as Ost Ordura talks about the mission, the Fateless One arrives and joins the group.

In the last few weeks, many caravans have been attacked and merchants have been killed. The mission of the group is to find out what killed them. But Brae is killed herself by an unseen enemy during the patrol.



Another? Three is not enough?

upon your first meeting with her at Warden's Bridge.

Don't tell me you believe in old ghost stories. It's probably a bear. Or a crudok.

when asked about Lorca-Rane.

If this is what it takes to earn rank, so be it.

when asked about the Patrol.

I've trained. I've dreamed. I will join the Order.

when asked about the Warsworn.

Maybe there are some tracks... or something...
I'm ready for anything.

spoken when the first hireling have already died.