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Breaking The Siege
Quest Giver General Tilera
Location Mel Senshir
Prerequisite Complete The Great General
Next Quest Silence Falls
Reward Twist of Fate - Siegebreaker, gold, and a random item
Type Main

Breaking The Siege is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Background[edit | edit source]

Mel Senshir, the sister city of Rathir, has been under siege by the Tuatha Deohn for the last ten years. The city managed to survive this long with the help of Rathir, but now the supplies and the soldiers are fewer and fewer and the great Dokkalfar fortress cannot last any longer. The city is in even greater danger because the Tuatha have recently allied with the Niskaru and they plan a final assault with the help of the great Niskaru Warlord Balor.

General Tilera, with the help of the Fateless One, has finally been able to obtain the legendary artifact, The Piercing Light. The Fateweavers have foreseen that only with this weapon the Siege of Mel Senshir will finally end.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Rathir sends reinforcements for the great battle ahead

Make the journey to Rathir and head to the Upper City. Get Elund Carth to send troops with you to Mel Senshir, if you pass the Persuasion Check you can even leave with Elund's Ring. Go back down the steps and to the dock to sail to Mel Senshir. Speak with Commander Owaiglyn upon your arrival and he will detail his desperate situation and plans against the Tuatha Deohn buildup.

There are four Master level (7-9) Trainers in Mel Senshir.  One who will show up after this Quest.  Agarth is available for Fateweaving services so you can unbind your destiny and arrange your skill points to take advantage of these Trainers or after this Quest, the Inn opens up and a Fateweaver is in there.  There are additional side quests available in the city, however, because the NPCs are all gearing up for the battle to come, most of the side quests will not activate until this Quest is complete.  Your focus should be on preparing for a difficult and deadly series of battles.  You may want to collect a bow since you will want one later.  The merchants here provide sufficiently powerful weapons and armor.  

When you are prepared, talk to Commander Owaiglyn again to begin the army's assault.  Throughout the ramparts you have soldiers alongside your or the chance to have some follow along and aid you.  However, they tend to die easily and there is no bonus to keeping them alive, so do not stress at the casualties.

After the cinematic, talk to General Tilera who will head off in one direction while you head in another. Begin your onslaught heading north taking out a single Tuatha Soldier then a group of three. Go up the steps and through the gate, turning right to grab a chest. There are two more locked chest in this room but you might not

The attack begins

have time to loot them before two Tuatha Priests enter to ruin your day. Watch out for the traps in the next corridor. It's not difficult to dodge roll by them if you know they are there. At the balcony you need to break the siege ladders and fight off the Tuatha with Alyn Shir.

In the next area the path is split, go which ever way you want and try to save your comrades that are held prisoner. Use stealth and/or phasewalk potions to backstab the guards.  Once freed, these troops will again help you for a time. Open the door and cut through the enemies on the next balcony, but don't forget to cut down the siege ladder. You can find five chests and a Blacksmithing Forge in the next room. Utilize whatever you need and head out to the Ramparts. Slay the few Tuatha that are in your way then head down the path for a duel with the Witch Knight Malwyn.

Witch Knight Malwyn[edit | edit source]

The Witch Knight calling Balor

Malwyn is a Fighter-Mage and will utilize all of these abilities. His melee attack combination cannot be broken like normal characters but he is very susceptible to stun and paralyze. Spells like Ice Barrage, Storm Bolt, and Quake can give you some breathing room and time to execute some combos of your own. Parrying and counter-attacking is also effective against him. Malwyn has a massive amount of health and will periodically Blink to a distance tower. At this time you need to face the Balor. Quickly run to General Tilera once the monster shoots his eye beam as she will shield the both of you from the attack. Continue to dodge and melee Malwyn or keep your distance and use stuns until his health is depleted.

You can also go into Reckoning mode and kill him and his Tuatha helpers before Balor becomes a factor even once. After the scene loot Malwyn and enter the Battlements.  Fight off the Tuatha with Agarth's assistance then continue north to fight off three(3) more soldiers.  Loot the chest then head up the steps and clear the balcony. Head back inside to find more Tuatha then go through the gate to find a Prismere Troll. Clear the room and loot the chest.  Past the door is Captain Mys, whom you can persuade to follow you (72% at persuasion level 10), then head out to an overhang.  The Balor is firing his laser eye in a semi-circle here. You can dodge it and grab the chest contents then dart into the next area.

Slay the Tuatha Zealots and enter a fierce fight with a Tuatha Priest and a Niskaru Tyrant.  Kill the priest first and use stuns to keep the Tyrant back.  Head out to the Ramparts to start the fight against the monstrous Balor.

Balor[edit | edit source]

Balor, the Niskaru Warlord

The Balor is generally at range so having a Bow and an arsenal of ranged attacks will benefit here.  The Balor will roar and knock you back, be sure to block this attack.  When it smashes down it's arm you can deal some melee damage to it, deal enough and you could bring it's head down.  The Balor will also using a sweeping arm from it's right (your left) and can fire that nasty eye laser.  The laser is easier to dodge than block this time around, just time it right and you can get back as the laser goes forward.  Continue to barrage the Balor with ranged attacks and get in the melee whenever you get the opportunity.  Once you have eliminated its health, follow the on-screen prompts to finish it off. 

NOTE : You have to pin it twice (by pressing various buttons during the cinematic) once to each of its arms. If you accidentally move too far away, move back or don't attack the Balor will partially recover and you will have to damage it again.  Also, when it brings its head down you can go into Reckoning mode, enabling you to whittle down its health to nothing in one go.

When the battle is over speak with the Commander to receive your reward the Twist of Fate - Siegebreaker & a random level based weapon, armor or item. The quest and the battle are over but the road is still long.

Notes[edit | edit source]

By telling Commander Owaiglyn that General Tilera gave her life for the fight, you'll receive ONE random item and gold. Save just prior to talking to him to be able to change your reward.  If told she ran from the fight, leaving you alone, you'll receive TWO random items in addition to gold.  A few of the common soldiers, the Fateweaver and Commander Owaiglyn will speak ill of the General, however no other changes or NPCs will change within the storyline.

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