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I do what I can, but were we on the docks of Rathir's Quays, I couldn't keep us fully stocked.


Breid Brurek is the quartermaster of Helmgard Keep, sharing space with the blacksmith Borri Kura in the right wing of the keep. In nearly all of her conversation options, Breid mentions how she can barely keep stocked with the things the Pledgesheilds need, and could not even stay stocked if she were stationed on Rathir's Quays, such is Grian's demand for flawless presentation.


Beckry Aideh is a general merchant. She sells weaponry, armor, and accessories, and various alchemical goods.


  • Improved Armored Trim - 677 g
  • Improved Rallying Grip - 677 g
  • Improved Clarity Grip - 595 g
  • Improved Frosted Rivets - 595 g
  • Improved Mystic Rivetes - 595 g
  • Improved Prosperous Lining - 595 g
  • Improved Ravenous Handle - 595 g
  • Improved Slaughtering Bindings - 595 g
  • Improved Infected Shaft - 520 g
  • Improved Sharpening Shaft - 520 g
  • Improved Charged Handle - 445 g
  • Improved Flamed Fulcrum - 445 g
  • Improved Flamed Hilt - 445 g
  • Improved Fortified Lining - 445 g
  • Improved Fortified String - 445 g
  • Improved Fortified Fulcrum - 445 g
  • Repair Kit - 62 g


Well, hello.
Grian promised I'd have tar, linen, and whetstones by the month's end... but forgive me. You didn't come to hear the Quartemaster rant and moan at her lot.

upon your first encounter.

The Dokkalfar city. It lies easterly, where the plains meet the waters. More trade passes its quays than drinks through the Emaire tavern.

when asked about Rathir.

I swear, these soldiers need more new shields and greave-polish than all the army in Klurikon. And what do they do? Stand guard over a merchant's stores?

when asked about Helmgard Keep.

I've seen enough Pledgeshields pass through this keep, eager to join the war over there. Me, I'm happy right here.

when asked about Klurikon.

Thinks he can pay in smiles, not gold. But... he's the Castellan; at day's end, our coffers are his concern.

when asked about Grian Shane.

Little boy blacksmith? That's what I call him; ruffles his feathers. But in truth, he's a good soul behind that scowl.

when asked about Borri Kura.

Now what was my tally...

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