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What do you want? I have no interest in speaking with strangers. I wish to be left alone.


Bridgette Malloi is an inhabitant of Cape Solace, the wife of Alder Malloi and mother of Nina Malloi.

As a child, she and her parents were slaves. During a voyage, their masters were running low on food, and when they came across Gallows End, they marooned Bridgette on the island to conserve food. She spent many years scavenging and surviving alone until she met Alder Malloi who's ship wrecked nearby and he survived.

Working together, the two eventually managed to set up the small village of castaways known as Cape Solace, as well as setting up their following of Akara. During this time, she fell in love with him and they were married. She gave birth to their only daughter, Nina Malloi, and have raised her to eventually take over as the leader of the village.

When the Fateless One arrives at Cape Solace, Bridgette is very unsociable and doesn't really want to talk to outsiders. It is revealed later that she would be given as an offering to their god, Akara, and she would succeed and become the next Scion. It is eventually revealed that the Whispering Witch possessed Bridgette so that the blessing of Akara can be passed onto Dead Kel. When the Fateless One confronts her, Bridgette is killed when the Whispering Witch leaves her body.


She is first met at Cape Solace. Once she is beginning to prepare to offer herself to Akara, she moves to Souldeep Fasting.



She was most likely born into slavery or she was taken at a very young age as she mentions nothing about being captured.

After she dies, Alder Malloi appears to have lost his faith in Akara as well as his will to continue leading.