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"Believe it or not, I am not a native of these fair and forsaken plains. No, I was once a profitable exporter based in Rathir. Alas, my business went to the flame".

Brok Almar


Brok Almar is a Varani refugee that can be found just outside the city of Emaire, within the Forsaken Plain.



  • "Yes, that's right. I lost everything in the Burn. But I've found the opportunity always awaits those who search for it".
  • "It's the neighborhood burned to ash by the Tuatha in the early days of the war. It's been completely rebuilt, of course but I know when to heed a message from the gods".
  • "I fought for the Alfar in the war, but left because I'd had my fill of bloodshed. Looks like it followed me home".


  • "Have you heard the news? They say there are spies among the refugees. The Tuatha won't leave us be".
  • "I feel for these people. They have endured more than should be asked of anyone. I'd much rather stand by them than the cold souls of Emaire village".
  • "Emaire formed a militia, can you believe it? They'd rather jail us than throw us their scraps".
  • "We've been walking for days. My feet are cut clean to the bone. It's this dry plains stone".
  • "I hate this feeling of helplessness; but what can we do? The Tuatha have won".
  • "Have you met Edwin Hoswig? Something about him unnerves me, like he's not telling the whole truth".
  • "Humiliating, having Tuatha force us from our land like that. But what were we to do? They're savages".
  • "Ommer Vogard is looking for his little girl. If you see a redhead by the name of Lyra, let him know".
  • "We can't escape. First the Tuatha burn our homes, and now bandits prey upon us. We are cursed".


  • There is a Death Notice addressed to a "Mstr. Almar" who may or may not be him.