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While completing Plagueshield you will probably come across an accessory you cannot junk or sell, named St. Hadwyn's Beads, looted from Brother Fallon. Go to the St. Hadwyn's Mission in Glendara, and while speaking with Brother Udo, mention believing in the ways of Mitharu, or at least supporting his creed, to earn this quest.


  • Talk to Brother Udo in St. Hadwyn's Mission
  • Visit all three shrines to improve the beads
    • St. Hadwyn's shrine: +5% Damage vs. Niskaru
    • St. Odwig's shrine: +10% Damage vs. Niskaru
    • St. Eadric's shrine: +15% Damage vs. Niskaru;

You may need to complete Crisis of Faith first before being able to visit the 3rd location.


Some notable loot found includes:


  • If you tell Brother Udo that you worship a different god, or no god at all, he will take the beads away and give you some potions instead (no XP nor Gold - either way - but you get the upgraded beads by, at least, professing support). The Quest will immediately complete and will be added to the "Completed" list.