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Yes, my name betrays my former vocation. I spent many years as a mason. I built, but ignored the true maker, the one to whom we owe all of our accomplishments. I went to war for the Alfar for a time, but that led nowhere. After five years in a Tuatha prison I was liberated and returned home, to Odarath. My future is here.


Brother Mason is an extremely zealous monk at St. Odwig's in Gorhart. He was a comrade in arms of Rikka's deceased husband Avery. It is revealed in a number of letters left by Brother Mason that he came to Gorhart to keep watch over Rikka out of loyalty to his friend. He is secretly in love with Rikka, and is racked with guilt because of his vows to the order of Mitharu and the feeling that this is a betrayal of Avery. Shortly after the arrival of the Fateless One he leaves Gorhart, possibly because of this internal conflict.


This mission was founded to aid all those seeking Mitharu's divine order. There are others, as well. St. Hadwyn's is east of here, and St. Eadric's is to the south.

when asked about St. Odwig's Mission.

He is the Authority, the Great Creator, the Being of Supreme Order. All Almain claim him as their own. Of course, his wisdom is available to all who seek it.

when asked about Mitharu.

Mitharu has led us to this hilltop for a reason, and that is to end the Fae's long cycle of kinship with chaos. These poor creatures crave order. Look around you. This whole forest is a shrine to nature, which is, as you know, Mitharu's greatest gift.

when asked about the Fae.

The men and women of Gorhart are good people, but I tend not to socialize with them. Their concerns are their own, as are those of St. Odwig's.

when asked about Gorhart Village.

Her lies and accusations border on heresy! That one better watch her words, lest they coil back to bite her in the throat.

when asked about Sister Zelda.

Father Dynwel has taken her in, but I must say that I am sceptical. Change is not the agent of order.

when asked about Sister Zelda once you have finished her quest.


  • Brother Mason will stay in Gorhart for three days once the Fateless One enters the village. The first graveside letter will appear immediately in the graveyard regardless of day or night, afterwards the subsequent letters will appear each following nights, and he will disappear in game once the third letter appears.