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Udo is a member of the Order of Mitharu who worship the god of Order.

He was a friend to Brother Fallon and he grieves the loss of his friend.


He gives you the side quest Brother Fallon's Beads.


St. Hadwyn's Mission in Glendara.


By Mitharu, I am growing worried for Brother Fallon. The day is come and gone, and he still has not returned!
I swear it, he has the heart of Hadwyn himself. A remarkable mind for herbs and medicines, as well.
It may not have the luminous pomp of St. Odwig's, but then, St. Hadwyn was a modest apostle to Mitharu. Our worship centers on our prayer beads and the practice of cutting and clarifying shards through Sagecrafting.

when asked about St. Hadwyn's Mission.

A much larger Mission in Gorhart, to the west. They are unmatched in venerable years of service. I like to think what we lack therein, we have in humility... in purity.

when asked about St. Odwig's Mission.

Why the great god of order, who makes the seasons to turn, life to rise from the ground and death return to it. We have devoted our lives to this service.

when asked about Mitharu.

A goodly sort of village, though it does not have the tranquility of Didenhil.

when asked about Gorhart Village.

Yes, we have heard of the sad affliction that has struck Didenhil. Thus it is, when nature strays from order.

when asked about the Plague that hunts the village.

Killed? Oh dear. Well he is with Mitharu now. I hesitate to ask, but did you happen to take his prayer beads? Terrible if they were left to lie there with him.

when you tell him that you found Brother Fallon dead.

We mourn our brother's loss. And yet, in our sorrow we acknowledge that death is part of life's pattern.

when asked about Brother Fallon once you told him that he perished in the woods.

So it shall always be. Good hearts will stray from the unyielding path.

should he find out that the Fateless One worships no god at all.

Mitharu watch and guide you always.