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Brownies are a type of wild fae shaped like a small humanoid with a disproportionately large head and a big mouth lined with razor-sharp teeth. Brownies are carnivorous and are not afraid to attack larger creatures, such as nearby antelopes or the Fateless One. They typically prefer to stay in one area and are not known for roaming the wilderness. The bite of a brownie can carry diseases. Brownies are resistant to all manners of poison.

Brownies have a master-servant relationship with Crudoks, and when controlled by one they become exceedingly aggressive and will ambush travellers in order to provide their master with a steady supply of fresh corpses.

Brownies attempt to lure their prey by acting innocent and harmless. When not in combat with the Fateless One, they will hold their hands together and fold their large ears downward while keeping their mouths closed and emitting soft, cute noises. When the Fateless One approaches, they open their large mouths and howl as they charge.

They can be encountered in Dalentarth and the Plains of Erathell.


  • HP: Low
  • Resistances: Poison (both types of Brownie)
  • Weakness: None
  • Attacks: Bite
  • Difficulty: Easy