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I've agreed to let Brun the Bard guide me through the Caeled Coast. But before he will join me, I must remove some Bolgan who are camped near him.


  • Talk to Brun the Bard, in Odi's Camp in the north of Caeled Coast at the path to Drowned Forest.  He will ask you to help him tell his tales.
  • The first step is to clear the camp to the south.  Once the camp is empty, Brun comes running to tell the story of the Ambush of Gornak Ree.  He then marks another area to be cleared.
  • Once the gate is clear, Brun will come again, though this time he might need some help if the Fateless One did not clear the area east of Castle Gastyr.  The story is about the first Lord Gastyr.
  • The final area is due west of the gates, and the final story about the last Lord Gastyr's mistress.  With the story comes a plea to find a letter, hidden deep within Castle Gastyr.
  • The Letter from Lord Erran Gastyr can be found in the final room of the castle.
    • In order to access the room the quest The Last Gastyr must be started (and completed).
  • The quest will be completed by talking to Brun, back in Odi's Camp (XP and Gold, both level-based ~3350 and 6650 at level 39, and random daggers & (3) potions).


There are several letters to be found, written by Lady Ansilla and Lord Gastyr, shedding light on the animosity between the two families: