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Buckler is a type of armor in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It can be equipped in the shield slot, similar to the Kite Shield of fighters and Talisman of mages. Designed for use by rogue-style characters, all bucklers will have a Finesse requirement to equip them. Being made of wood, they add a moderate armor and can negate a moderate amount of damage with a successful block.

Note: The Dvergan Kite Shield is actually considered a buckler , despite its name. Due to the diminutive size of the dvergan race, this "kite shield" is sized appropriate to its previous owners, and thus is light enough for agile Finesse characters to use.


Unlike other armor types, bucklers can be used actively to reduce damage with a block, or negate it completely with a well-timed parry. To do this, the Fateless One must bring his or her buckler to bear just before an enemy strikes. This will disrupt the attack and stagger the enemy, leaving them open for a subsequent counter-attack. It will also deal a small amount of physical damage, which is based on the armor value of the shield used.

However, this will only work on attacks made by human-sized assailants or smaller - trolls, bolgans, ettins, jottuns, and niskaru tyrants can break through any attempt to block or parry, so be wary around these larger creatures!

Crafting Bucklers[]

Main article: Blacksmithing

The Fateless One can craft bucklers at any Blacksmithing Forge by using a wooden guard and a grip; rivets and trims are optional components. With sufficient skill, mastercrafted bucklers that offer a bonus to block efficiency can be created.

The Fateless One can also disassemble existing bucklers for salvage, recovering some of the above-mentioned components.

List of Common Bucklers[]

List of Unique Bucklers[]