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"Gallows End is like every other challenge I've faced in my life. Every day is a struggle to survive."

An urchin of Rathir, Cadwallon is a castaway the Fateless One can find on Gallows End, living away from Cape Solace with his wife Nesta. Good fortune came to him in the form of a wealthy man hiring him on as a servant in his house when he was caught pickpocketing- and subsequently left again when that same man's boat wrecked off the coast of Gallows End. There is a silver lining though, as before the wreck he and Nesta, the daughter of that wealthy lord, hadn't spoken a word to one another and now..

He's dallying about taking care of a scav infestation in the small plot of farmed land he and Nesta care for at Storm Point, and is happy to take the Fateless One to meet Nesta and take care of the infestation themself.