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Callis Dren is the defender of the House of Pride, as well as the entrance into Alabastra. He has a powerful enchantment on him that makes him impervious to almost all physical and magical attacks. Even without the enchantment, he's still an extremely powerful warrior.

Dren had a twin sister, Dyth, the Defender of Valor, who had a similar enchantment. Dren's and Dyth's enchantments make them completely immune to each other's powers.

Even though Dyth perished when the House of Valor fell to humans Ventrinio managed to get a part of Dyth's essence and put it into a locket, thus conferring onto the wearer the immunity to Dren's attacks. Ventrinio give the locket to the Fateless One before the fight with Dren on the steps of the House of Pride. After fighting the Fateless One for a few minutes Dren realized that the battle would never end as it stood, and offered the Fateless One a deal - they would both relinquish their enchantments and the duel would continue. In exchange Dren only asked that, should the Fateless One win, he/she will not harm the members of Pride. Dren is killed by the Fateless One during the duel.

As a Boss[]

Dren is the first boss of the Pride Before a Fall quest, and he fights very similarly to Malwyn. There are two key differences between Dren and Malwyn, however.

  • Whereas Malwyn would use his Battle Horn to command the Balor to attack, Dren uses his own to strengthen himself. When he uses the horn, he starts to glow red. This makes his attacks hit harder than normal, and allows him to use two spells. The first is the tornado spell. The second is a teleport spell. When Dren teleports, he leaves two Fire Runes behind, one where he was and one where he lands after teleporting. Stepping too close to either of these causes them to explode for high damage.
  • While Malwyn could not be interrupted at all, Dren's attacks are capable of being interrupted. When he loses about 30% of his Health, he will start staggering from attacks for a few seconds before continuing to brush off your attacks without interruption. Stunning him while he cannot be interrupted is a great way to whittle down his Health.


Dren can be found at the steps leading to the House of Pride, guarding the sole passage between Klurikon and Alabastra.



  • It has been reported that killing Dren while exploring can cause the game to get stuck when following the main quest line. (As of Re-Reckoning, this is still a true fact.)