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The village is little more than a ramshackle makeshift tents, a pier, and a gallows with nooses hanging.


Cape Solace was founded by Alder Malloi and Bridgette Malloi as a settlement for any castaway willing to work his/her share and follow the worship of their local god, Akara. The village is under the iron rule of Alder Malloi and Akara's voice, the Scion.

Anyone who does not participate with gathering food or items needed for their survival or taking part in worship to their local god, Akara are exiled. Alder and most of the villagers have no interest in clearing out the old Dverga site north of the village, Gravehal Keep of whatever creatures infest it, as many have entered but none have returned so far.



This includes all characters found in the village at any time:



  • Chest
  • Loot pile



  • Though it appears that anyone who doesn't follow or participate in daily activities of gathering food/resources is exiled, it does not always appear to be the case. For example Padrig Dower has been at the village for months and has not been kicked out, whereas Nesta Gwynedd - who refused to take part in worshiping Akara - was exiled despite assisting in gathering food for the village, along with her husband.
  • It appears that when one person is exiled from the village, if that person has a husband/wife/children are also exiled, as Tari Hostig was exiled along with his mother; Cadwallon Gwynedd was exiled along with his wife Nesta despite that he was open to worshiping Akara and taking part in gathering food for the village.
  • Some NPC disapear, it appears they leave when you get your hands on the Requiem.