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A remarkable woman, there's no denying. But you be weary! Those eyes of hers make promises. Promise things she'll never give.


Carasta Arawyn is a Dokkalfar business woman, and a very clever one, that can be found in the city of Rathir. She asks for the Fateless One's help to seal a deal with Galen Gwalchmai.


She can be found at the Officer's Hall, within Lower City.



You there, my lovely. I like the look of you. I have gold to slip in your pursue in return for a... small favor.

upon your first encounter.

Me? You wish to know about me? I'm flattered, but I prefer to keep my cards close to my chest.

when asked about herself.

During the quest, 'Mixing Business':

Oh, now! Don't sound so suspicious. I need some help i a matter of business. Tell me, do you know the merchant Gwalchmai? I am trying to strike a deal with that willful man, and I think I have found just the thing. Only - I cannot be the one to do it.

when asked: What do you want me to do?

The man who owns the goods store in the The Pryderi. He's got his thumb on nearly all the trade in this city. I can't sell anything without his good word, it seems.

when asked: Who is Gwalchmai?

I have already tried to negotiate with him. He proved hard, stubborn, and... unpliable. We could not reach a deal. I was hoping a new face and a new approach might cause him to let down his guard. Become reasonable.

when asked: Why can't you do it?

How very astute of you! Now Gwalchmai, I have learned, has a weakness for the rare wines. This right here happens to be a bottle of Maybryn, his favorite. I wish we had more than just the one, a pity! Here is the contract for him to sign. The better a deal you strike, the sweeter I will make your reward.

if chosen the response: And that's where I come in?

If I were to approach him, he'd dig his heels in. But a fresh face such as yours, bearing a bottle of his favorite wine? It might just work.

when asked about Galen Gwalchmai.

More than the bottle I gave you? Very good. If you can use that to strike a better deal, I will see you paid more than its worth.

upon your response: I have more Maybryn Wine.

In his goods store, in the Pryderi, the market. It's near the center of town. Get him drunk on Maybryn Wine and he should be magnanimous with the contract.

when asked: Where can I find Gwalchmai?

Be good, my lovely, and I'll be good to you.

Upon your return:

The contract? You have it? Let me see... this is - I don't believe my eyes. Did he agree to this? Oh, my lovely, you have done well. This will be very profitable for me. And so it should be for you.
Don't let the old dog fool you. He is a shrewd and as stubborn as they come. But like any old dog, his tail will wag for just the right treat.

when asked about Gwalchmai.

The sea wreaths her, old stone lifts her high - gold and magic pulse through her veins. In the city of Rathir, a soft whisper in a dark corner unlocks many doors.

when asked about the city of Rathir.

Leaving me? So soon?