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Cenner Bruge welcomes you to Adessa and is a Tallyer second-class of the to the Domus Politica. His duty is to sort those that come to Adessa and will ask you questions so he can catalogue your visit.


Upon entering Adessa, Cenner will run and stop to question you and ask that you be as truthful as possible. No matter what answer you give he will then ask from where you come. Both answers result in the same response. He will comment that they where wrong about your nose but you match the description of who he was to look out for then give you a key to your own villa. Both of your responses will result in different dialogue from him but end in you receiving your key anyway.




Hold right there, newcomer. I welcome you to Adessa, but before you enter I must catalog your visit.

Please answer the question as truthfully as possible -- it's imperative that our tallies be accurate. Now, what brings you to Adessa?

when entering conversation with Cenner Bruge upon first traveling to Adessa.

Yes. Well, at least you look more put together than some of the people that came before you. Poor sods.

With any luck, your errands go without incident. Now, where have you come to Adessa from?

when responding to the question "What brings you to Adessa?" with "I'm here on personal errands."

Allestar? You... you mean you've come from Fomorous Hugues' laboratory?!

Yes... I see it now. They were wrong about your nose, but you match the description of the one I was to look out for.

We can dispense with the remainder of the questions. You are free to enter Adessa. You will be lodged in Sandstone Villa, temporarily.

when responding to "Where have you come to Adessa from?"

A gifted necklace can easily be a golden chain.


  • It doesn't matter how you answer Cenner's questions, he will guess why you are in Adessa and where you came from regardless.


Cenner Bruge