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Chestpieces are a type of core component in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. They can be used during blacksmithing to create armor that uses the chest slot. Chestpieces provide a base armor to the item being crafted.

Might Chestpieces[]

These chestpieces are used in crafting Cuirasses:

Chestpiece Rank Armor Might req
Iron Chestpiece Iron 39 3
Chainmail Chestpiece Chainmail 66 7
Steel Chestpiece Steel 119 14
Azurite Chestpiece Azurite 173 21
Sylvanite Chestpiece Sylvanite 261
Prismere Chestpiece Prismere 368

Finesse Chestpieces[]

These chestpieces are used in crafting Light Armor:

Chestpiece Rank Armor Finesse req
Leather Chestpiece Leather 28
Boiled Leather Chestpiece Boiled Leather 66
Studded Leather Chestpiece Studded Leather 122 21
Trollhide Chestpiece Trollhide 178 28
Dreadscale Chestpiece Dreadscale 258