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Ciara Sydanus also known as the Dark Empyrean, was the tyrant queen of ancient Erathell and was trapped under the Scholia Arcana in Rathir a long time ago by its founders.

She is arrogant, sadistic and narcissistic as seen when the Fateless One first encounters her and every other time she possess a mage. As mentioned earlier, she is also tyrannical and ruthless, having little to no compassion for her subjects and is more than willing enough to sacrifice any of them to serve her goals.


Aside from the usual abilities of an NPC mage, Ciara Sydanus can drain her enemies mana, summon allies to her side, float beyond reach of melee attacks and create large barriers that will recoil anyone or anything that touches it.

She is also shown to be proficient in hypnotizing the minds of other people and possess even the most powerful mages in the Faelands, such as the Archsage. Her mastery over the art of magic is exemplified in her ability to alter her surroundings as seen when the ruins of Aodh was set aflame and when Shardfall became increasingly cold.

She also seems to be a Fateweaver having the ability to see the fate of others.


Fall of the Dark Empyrean[]

As written in "The Dark Empyrean", Ciara Sydanus was the ancient queen of Erathell who had waged war against the other ancient kingdoms of Amalur. During reign, she had imprisoned two traveling mages, namely, Elodan Bloodgood, a Varani shaper who was imprisoned for not building a church in Sydanus' name, and Marus Torix, a gnome gnosicant who was imprisoned for teaching a doctrine different from the worship of Sydanus and her regime.

Prior to them being imprisoned, an Alfar girl, Eleanor Brea, was birthed within the Rathir prison cells, where the other two mages would later be imprisoned. While growing, Eleanor's prowess in magic flourished, until adulthood, she was finally strong enough to destroy the prison and escape.

With help from Torix and Bloodgood, Eleanor was able to master her gift and challenge Sydanus. Word spread quickly and soon the three found themselves with an army of rebel mages.

Sydanus soon pursued dark and powerful magics to decimate them and for seven long years they warred until Sydanus was imprisoned by the three, beneath the earth, which later became the Rathir chapter of the Scholia Arcana.

The Return of Sydanus[]

The seal to Sydanus' prison was greatly weakened when the Fateless One's initiation to the Scholia Arcana began, allowing her to travel in spirit. She entered the Fateless One's illusionary trial and fought off the Tuatha within it, inadvertently helping the Fateless One finish his/her trial. She then threatens him/her and banishes him/her. When the Fateless One awakens s/he finds the other mages burned, most likely by Sydanus' spell.

Sydanus appears again in Aodh, possesing the body of Savant Nuala Ignas. She mockingly shows her gratitude to the Fateless One and offers to read his/her Fate. She then tells her that she did what she had to and that Nuala wants to die. A fight begins after the conversation, and ends with the Fateless One killing Nuala Ignas and finding the Sun Stone with her, which is later given to Savant Aethan Engar.

She appears again in Shardfall, this time possessing Savant Cadoc Reen. She converses with the Fateless One briefly and then a fight begins and then ends with Cadoc Reen dead and the Frost Stone with him.

Later, when the quest Lightning in a Bottle is pursued, it is revealed that Sydanus has been trying to possess Savant Aethan Engar since the moment of the Fateless One's initiation rite. Aethan then sends the Fateless One away while he attempts to jump off the cliff. He disappears in the clouds seemingly dead, but is later found to be alive but possessed by Ciara Sydanus. She converses with the Fateless One again briefly and another fight begins, and, again, the Fateless One is victorious. Searching the savant will yield the Storm and Sun Stones.

She appears again in Archsage Jubal Caledus' psyche, possessing his indifference and ambition. Both times, she tells the Fateless One of Caledus' weaknesses and flaws, her victory's assurance, and then attempts to kill the Fateless One. Once the Fateless One awakens and talks to the Archsage, he tells the Fateless One of his plan to end Sydanus. Once they succeed in destroying the seal completely, Caledus begins to panic saying it was a trap and disappears, with Ciara Sydanus in his place. Ciara tells the Fateless One that she had placed Jubal within her prison, and then attempts to kill him/her. This time, she is killed for good.


  • Near the end of Trial by Fire, Ciara Sydanus inadvertently helps the Fateless One fight off the Tuatha under the name of "Strange Sorceress". She also briefly speaks and threatens him/her afterwards, and then banishes him/her.
  • Ciara is constantly seen near the end of every mission in the Scholia Arcana questline thereafter except for The Unquiet Bride.
    • Although she is only seen possessing the bodies of other mages.
  • Ciara Sydanus finally appears in the flesh in Revelation, to kill the Fateless One and destroy the Scholia Arcana. Defeating her is the last mission in the Scholia Arcana questline and will reward the Fateless One the rank of Archsage.


  • The book, "The Dark Empyrean", tells about her past.
  • The Dark Empyrean Armor Set is a sorcery armor set designed after the clothes Ciara Sydanus wears.
    • The only exception being the cowl, which she never wore.


  • "I am the Empyrean, the Dark Hearted, the Lady of Sorrow and Dust. I will not bow to your will."
  • "Archsage... what silly titles you children use. That wretch would have been a servant to the Dark Empyrean."
  • "I cannot step backward in time and visit my vengeance on those who put me here... But I can destroy their legacy. The Scholia Arcana will not survive the hour!"