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I have spoken with an Oracle, Hallidite and she has explained to me that if I can locate the sacrificial altars created by the marauders of the Teeth of Naros and kill the guardians there, I will be rewarded by the gods. I must start with the Altar of Doubt.


  • Talk to Hallidite, she can be found in the Idylla Concourse, after you complete raising the city in Ascension. She will ask you to defeat the guardians of three Altars.
  • Head to the Altar of Doubt, slightly north-west of Earth Shrine and kill the three marauders surrounding it.
  • Return back to the Hallidite who will tell you that the reward is in the sewers.
Sewer Chest
  • Enter the Sewers by the Primos Sanctuary, the Quest Marker will point you to the treasure chest (see map) just south of this entryway. Descend the ladder and collect the reward. The quest will update and indicate the next Altar, Altar of Betrayal.
  • Go back up the ladder and follow the sewer to the left past where you entered. The Altar is a very short walk forward. Kill the guardians and the second Altar is complete. Return to Hallidite on the Concourse to update the quest marker with the location of the second reward.
  • The second reward is located outside the city. Take your first right on the path from the Henge and it is on the left near corner at the next intersection of the roadway. This chest contains your reward. The final Altar, the Altar of Regression is now shown on your map.
  • The third and final Altar is in a cave directly east of Remes camp. A group of 5 Maruauders guard this Altar and taking the jump down will trigger a group of sprites with primal sprites and draw out 3 Maruauders nearby. Return to the Oracle, Hallidite, once more.
  • The final reward is, again, outside the city. Fast Travel to Njordir's Font, take the jump down option and the reward chest is right there. Within the chest is The Heavens' Gift and some potions.
  • Opening the chest will reward the player with level-based Gold and the quest is completed.


  • The rewards received from each treasure chest is completely randomised.