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Haven't seen you around. New to the Quarter? Been sick so long, I haven't seen anyone new in a while.


Cirys Lollyrs is a sickly refugee living in Adessa. She is Aara's sister, who has taken care of her ever since they were orphaned by the War.


Cirys can be found usually lying down in a bedroll in the Hospitalis Quarters in The Walls of Adessa.



Due to her illness, she never makes it outside the Hospitalis Quarters—or out of bed. She will stand only when the Fateless One speaks to her, and outside conversation, it is seen she is standing at a limp, clutching her stomach.


Have you been to the wilds? I hear the desert is such a beastly place... I can't thank the gods enough for getting Aara and I here.
Have you been to the markets? I've heard stories of Driadore's potion craft, of walls of books and gems that shine like stars...
I'm just happy that for once in our lives, Aara and I no longer have to keep running. There's a place for us to wait. To rest. To recoup.

when asked about Adessa

Just another refugee of this horrible war. Aara and I were the only ones from my village who got out safely.

when asked about herself

We had to start a new life for ourselves here. But soon after we arrived, I got sick... and Aara had to support me.

when asked about the Hospitalis Quarters

Lost everything in that war. Lost our parents, our farm... all I have left is my sister, Aara. And I'm just a burden on her, now.

when asked about the Crystal War