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I am the rightful heir to Dolve Arne - or I was, at any rate. I've spent the last few years in lovely old Rathir, pretending, like a fool, nothing would change.


Clyeth Arne is a member of the noble Arne Family. He is the heir of Dolve Arne. Clyeth no longer resides in Dolve Arne, as he gave in to the Alfar Military.


He can be found between Rathir and Dolve Arne, hiding behind a big boulder.



What am I going to do? I've got to be going - but I can't. And I can't go back to Dolve Arne - but I must.

upon your first encounter with him.

The war, my friend. The war! I've been called. The truth is, I should have been gone days ago. Only, I'd be far more eager for the adventure if I had my family arms with me. They're in there - Dolve Arne.

when asked: Why have you got to leave?

Ancestral staff and talisman. What any self-respecting Arne's worn to battle since time immemorial. If I hadn't left them somewhere in that damned tower, I'd be wearing them now.

when asked: Family Arms?

I'm not supposed to be here! I ought to have shipped out days ago - that's what I've been trying to say. I need - well, want - to get my family arms and slip off before anyone knows I was here. Only... how?

when asked: Why can't you get them?

You're serious, aren't you? Well, with any luck, the old staff and talisman are still in one piece back there, though I have my doubts. I'd pay just to know if they are or not. Thing is, Dolve Arne's an official army post now. To get in, you'll need an officer's pass.

if chosen the response: I'll get your arms.

It was my home. That was before I deeded it to the Alfar Army and went to Rathir with my pocketful of gold. It went ten years untouched by the Tuatha foe. That's common knowledge. Ten years stuck in a cold, stone prison was how I saw it

when asked about Dolve Arne.

Honestly, I feel like a hare hunted by hawks out here.

when asked about the Tywili Coast.

By tradition, an Arne bears staff and talisman to battle. My brother bore them in Orieator's Stand and died of his wounds three days after. Only, I left them in Dolve Arne when I gave it to the Army. Goodness only knows where they are, or what shape they're in, now.

when asked about the Family Arms.

Arne family history's riddled with this cursed war. My father and brothers have done su much for the cause, I shouldn't have to lift a finger.

when asked about The War.

Well, you need to get into Dolve Arne. For that, you'll need an officer's pass. You might steal - I mean borrow - one... Or get hold of a forgery. Moon Camp might be good for that.

when asked: How can I get your family arms?

Hurry, if you can. They might find me any moment.

Upon your return:

So, you got in old Dolve Arne, then? I hope it wasn't much trouble. Were you able to recover my arms? The staff wasn't rotted through, was it?
That's it! No mistaking this old piece of wood. I feel braver just holding in my hands. And the talisman? Did you find it in its place?

if chosen the response: Here it is.

Ah, wonderful. I couldn't say how many blades and arrows this saved my family from. I'll feel safer with it on my arm, all the same. Here, have this for your troubles.

if chosen the response: It's right here.

Life in a fortress sounds grand, but I'd take Rathir, with its fetes and food and fair-eyed ladies any day.

when asked about Dolve Arne.

Nothing like it anywhere in Amalur, I promise you. Beauty, elegance, wisdom - there's no putting it to words, really.

when asked about Rathir.

The name of Arne kept me safe until now - but a war is a hungry beast, and I suppose it was in my cards to be called, sooner or later.

when asked about The War.

And Lyria guard us both.