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After giving money to the war collection in Tirin's Rest, Meyra the Innkeep asked me to deliver her purse of collections to the village Sanctuary. She warned me to look out for a thief, who she believes must sneak in at night and take from the box.


Meyra Maun at the Tirin's Rest Inn in Galafor.


  • Donate money towards the collections.
  • Take the box to the sanctuary.
  • Deposit the money.
  • Wait for the thief to show at 12AM (Midnight) and confront Florian Brennac.
    • You can get a room at the local inn, where you can sleep until it's time to confront him.
    • Alternately; you can enter Burren Cove at the rear of the sanctuary and use a bedroll located in the North East of the prison, free of charge.
  • Decide whether to turn him in or let him go.

Report Florian[]

Let Him Go[]

  • You let him go.


  • XP (same amount whether you turn Florian Brennac in or not, level-based), but no Gold.


  • Confront Florian in the church else the quest will be bugged.
  • The box can be looted for gold, though this theft is automatically detected even if no NPCs are present in the Sanctuary.
    • Ironically, if Florian is still in the church after you confront him, he will immediately become hostile toward you for stealing from the box, even if you choose not to report him.