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This book covers the various peoples found across Amalur, from Almain to Varani.


Compendium of the Peoples of Amalur by Lexlus the Old

Chapter 5 - The Dokkalfar

Dokkalfar History

The Dokkalfar are an ancient race of people, whose vast history can be traced to the very beginnings of Amalur. Like all Alfar, their ancestral home is a frozen forest known as Glen Suthain. The Dokkalfar split from their wintry cousins, the Ljosalfar (see Chapter 8), although the reasons why are unclear. Some scholars point to the coincidence of the Durek-Alfar war as the impetus behind the separation. While many Ljosalfar remained in the cold north, the Dokkalfar settled in other parts of the lands known as Alfaria. The largest group of Dokkalfar settled in the Plains of Erathell, where they built the city of Rathir as the center of their civilization. For a more complete history of the Dokkalfar, read the Llyfarstair by Ormend of Rathir. The Founding of Rathir by Crinneus is also an excellent reference on the subject.

Dokkalfar Appearance

The Dokkalfar are in general identical to the Ljosalfar (see Chapter 8) in appearance except for a darker coloration of their skin. On average, they stand at 2 m tall, and weigh between 160 - 170 lbs. Scholars debate the origin of their naturally "athletic" biology, but most Dokkalfar conform to a slimmer body type.

Typically, temporary accents to hair, face and clothing are worn to fit the situation or guest, and much of their garments are considered "seductive" or "disarming" by Almain, Ljosalfar, or even Varani standards.

Dokkalfar Society

The Dokkalfar worship Lyria, the goddess of magic. Their society is organized around their religion, and as a race, the Dokkalfar hold many ceremonies to honor their goddess. The government of Rathir is led by the priests and priestesses of their religion, known as the Sons or Daughters of Lyria. The Dokkalfar are matriarchal, with leaders of government and commerce being largely female.