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This book covers the various peoples found across Amalur, from Almain to Varani.


Chapter 8 - The Ljosalfar

Ljosalfar History

The Ljosalfar, like their Dokkalfar cousins, are descended from the same original Alfar people who came from Icenwreth, the cold and inhospitable lands north across the sea. The Alfar settled in what is called Glen Suthain, and the Ljosalfar established civilization in the heart of that country. The Dokkalfar looked beyond the cold chill of Glen Suthain and encouraged expansion into other parts of the world. The more conservative Ljosalfar instead preferred the natural beauty of the forests they found in Glen Suthain. The Alfar lived side by side for many years, and watched as the other races began to build their small civilizations. The elves, especially the Ljosalfar, came to love the frozen lands that surrounded them. They first build Fierol, and later a city named Tolyndrae to the east of Glen Suthain. The Ljosalfar only entered the Faelands with the Dokkalfar, remaining an unique relationship despite their philosophical differences.

Ljosalfar Appearance

Ljosalfar are taller than most humans with pale, silky skin and light hair. They appear lithe, but are not a frail race by any means. The Ljosalfar have very strong ties to nature, and as such they tend to embrace the colours that are dominant in their surroundings: whites, blues, pinks and yellows. Ljosalfar nobles and merchants also employ regal colors and hues in their clothing. The Ljosalfar do not wear clothing especially suited to the cold of their homeland, having become naturally acclimated to the weather and using magic to supplement their resistance to extreme temperatures.

Ljosalfar Society

The Alfar people are closely attuned to the magical forces of the world, and the Ljosalfar are no exception. Some of the most powerful mages in Amalur were Ljosalfar, and it was indeed the Ljosalfar who first taught humans to wield the arcae at the beginnings of this Age of Arcana. Similar to the Almain, the Ljosalfar value order and structure and have appropriately regimented societies. Chief among Ljosalfar values is the idea of Justice, and the worship of Ynadon, their god of justice. For example, the Ljosalfar order known as the Justicars are a group of travelling judicial monks who resolve disputes and pass judgement on legal matters. For details on the Justicars and the Ljosalfar religion, the prime work is known as the High Law. The Ljosalfar are distinct from the Dokkalfar in that while they worship and appreciate Lyria as a Goddess of Magic and Luck, they do not see either as an end unto themselves. Both are means to achieve a just and right state. The religious leader of the Ljosalfar is called the Scion, a female child of the royal line who is raised and protected by the Justicars.

Dedicated to the service of Ynadon, she is viewed as living incarnation of the blind impartiality of justice and serves as the equivalent of the high priestess of the Justicars.