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Confession of Mayor Wesley Taklari

Before my fate goes black, before the folds of death envelop me, I wish to confess one last act, one that puts all my others to shame. When the Gnomes at Motus Mining attempted to test the new sluice mechanism, much of the contaminants they were hoping to divert from the run-off ended up in the river.
The Snaketail River is a water source for many citizens of this burnt land, and I cannot rest knowing I am responsible for their deaths. I needed aid in covering up this tragedy, may I be damned. I found this aid from the Travelers, one in particular by the name of Lina Ardeen. With Lina's help, I was able to keep the public ignorant, although Motus did learn of these actions and plan their abrupt exit. I cannot continue with this on my conscience. I cannot. I have been a tool of the Gnomes. And I am forever marked as such. - Mayor Wesley Taklari


  • This scroll explains what happened to the former Mayor of Whitestone.
  • It's also an item in the quest "Missing Keys" and contains background information for the quest's storyline.