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Conni is a Winter Fae who years before the Crystal War started somehow wandered into the gardens of Castle Ansilla and began to talk and tend to the plants there. When Lord Ansilla, father of Drewn Ansilla, found her, he was amused with how she managed to bypass the castle defenses and how she just started to tend to the garden. She was allowed to remain at Castle Ansilla to tend it's gardens, and she became close to Lord Ansilla.

When the Crystal War started, Conni continued to work dilligently as the gardener of the castle. When it fell to Tuatha Deohn forces, she was imprisoned in the dungeons and has been there ever since.

When the Fateless One comes through the lower levels of the castle during The Lost Squad, she is met imprisoned in one of the rooms. She can be released through the quest Ghosts of Seawatch, when Byrn Elgar requests the Fateless One to invite her to become Seawatchs' gardener.

Conni is a Master-level Alchemy trainer.


Met in the dungeons of Castle Ansilla, can be recruited and moves to Seawatch gardens.


Ghosts of Seawatch.