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Our line is ancient, however, if my son Mallion is not cured, we shall wither - and the weeds of Wyvyrn-Gifre grasp ever higher.


Coriana Anwon is a Dokkalfar noble that lives in the city of Rathir. She is a member and the leader of House Anwon, one of the great families of Rathir. She lost her husband and her two eldest daughter's to the war against the Tuatha Deohn. These events make her care deeply for the safety of her son Mallion Anwon, since he is all that she has left.


She can be found at House Anwon in the Upper City of Rathir.



My son Mallion is gravely ill. The healers say his blood is diseased. But I am sure it must be poison. If I were younger. I'd go and find the Lapidus myself and prove them wrong.

upon your first encounter with her.

His father died in the Battle of Galafor Plain. His sisters, in Klurikon. He is all I have left and he is slipping away from me.

when asked about his son, Mallion.

The healers name it an affliction of the blood, but Anwon blood has bent beneath no malady in generations. No, Mallion was poisoned.

when asked about the Blood Disease.

It was early in the war, and until that time, we had known only defeat. The day was won - and my husband, lost.

when asked about the Battle of Galafor Plain.

The Wyvyrns were a respected and decent lineage, though their wealth was not great. Then the merchants Gifre "bought" House Wyvyrn, much to our surprise. They have mixed sea-wash with fine wine.

when asked about the Wyvyrn-Gifre.

Bring my son this wild plant and I will see you richly rewarded. This I swear.

when asked: You need Lapidus herb?

Of course not. But my family legacy says it will and I have no wish to watch my son die while there is chance for hope.

when asked: Are you sure it will work?

There is only one place that I know of. The Acathan wetlands. You must search for it there. You will know Lapidus by the shape of its blue flower.

when asked: Where can I find it?

It is an herb with natural properties. It is not strictly alchemy... and it does not cure a poison. However, it can relieve the symptoms for a time. Mallion will still need an antidote before he is fully well.

when asked about Lapidus herb.

The wetlands of Acatha. Find it and bring it to my son, with all due haste.

when asked: Where is the Lapidus, again?

Be wary. I have sent servants before you who did not return.

Upon your return:

The Lapidus, you have it?
You do have it. Quickly, to Mallion's room. Give it to him.
Take it to Mallion, and do not delay. He is, of course, in his bed. That way.

when asked: What should I do with the herb?

Once you've given Mallion the Lapidus:

Well? How is he?
He has weakened? Thank Lyria. Here is your gold. But this matter is not yet settled. Find whoever did this and far more gold shall be yours. The poison came in a gift of wine? Show it to Apothecary Rhewani, down in the Pryderi. With luck, she can tell us the poison... perhaps, the poisoner.
The Lapidus has revived him, yet until we have antidote, he is not saved - and while the poisoner is unknown, neither is House Anwon.

when asked about Mallion.

Thanks to you, Mallion will recover and House Anwon shall thrive.

when asked about House Anwon.

You will find her at the spire base, in the Pryderi. Present the poisoned wine to her. If anyone can help now, she can.

when asked: Where is the Apothecary?

Upon your return from the Apothecary:

A servant of old Abergast's? Lyria help us all. The apothecary spoke well. Enlist the City Watch. Go with them if they allow it.
Rhewani's antidote was true. He will improve. I have lost his father and his sisters to the war, but I shall not lose him.

when asked about Mallion.

Just as the Apothecary said: go to the City Watch and inform them of what you have found. If nothing else, for Mallion's sake.

when asked: What should I do now?

Upon your return:

It is done? Was he... here, take this and I... I must make a confession. I nearly married Einar Abergast, many years ago. My parents forbade it. I knew it was wrong - that he didn't deserve to be treated so. The follies of youth... I never dreamed he would grow so... bitter. And turn to that dark cult? Never.
Sometimes I think: if I had married him, I now would be no better than the Wyvyrn-Gifres. And in the years since I broke our bows, I have had my own share of tragedy and loss. Yet I have not let it ruin me, but such is life in House Anwon.

when asked about Einar Abergast.