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2510–2068 BE (767–1209 NW)


TheCorthian Republic was founded by humans who settled in the southern territory known as Adelia. Prospering in these resource-rich lands, the Corthians' wealth and influence grew until they became the dominant power in the region. As the once peaceful republic evolved into the Corthian Empire, its wealthy citizens became greedy and decadent, conquering and enslaving neighboring kingdoms. Their influence extended through trade and conquest into the far reaches of the world, even to the eastern edges of Fortenmar.

Ultimately, the oppressed tribes in Adelia arose and overthrew the Corthians in what would be called the Raghosh Rebellion. As their empire crumbled, the fleeing Corthians unleashed a horrible plague upon the world that cost many lives, a time of sorrow which would be known as the Long Night of Weeping Eyes.

Though the Corthians faded into the mists of time, the atrocities they committed would ever stain one of the darkest pages of Amalur's history.

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