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I am Crilgarin. I am unfamiliar with the title the "Knave of Coins." But as I understand, it grants me responsibility for this camp and its Travelers. I know the lands and shadows and winding paths the Travelers use. I heed no law or creed of property. For this, I am given leadership.


Crilgarin is the leader of the Travelers at the Star Camp. She was introduced to the Travelers years ago by Grim Onwig, and has since been placed as the head of the group.



The dust of the road rises to meet you, wanderer. Welcome to Star Camp

upon your first encounter with her.

Then Grim has appraised you and found you of worth. But there is another you must appease - our guide, the anonymous Hierophant. Go the the Hierophant Shrine in our camp and pray, as all Travelers must. We have many freedoms, and one chain. A Traveler lives by his or her hands and guile. You must do the same. Trader Hidon sells items to supplement these skills, if you need.

when you tell her that Grim Onwig has sent you.

To receive the Hierophant's visions, we are commanded to pray at their shrines. And there are many who readily comply.

when asked about praying at the Hierophant shrine.

When others feared to even speak to Fae, Grim came and introduced me to the Travelers. Ever since, a more stalwart ally I cannot think of.

when asked about Grim Onwig.

This place has been walked by many, and this copse was hallowed ground, once. We maintain it.

when asked about Star Camp.

You are young among our number. I would not color your perceptions of the Hierophant with my own.

when asked about the anonymous Hierophant.

We are many things, but what the Travelers are to most are thieves. We follow our own way.

when asked about the Travelers.

May the road rise to meet you.

Once completed 'The Guided Hands':

You have completed the task that the Hierophant set out for you, as all Travelers are expected to. Well done. What I invite you to join is not a fraternity, not a guild. It is a family, a race, a bastion for those of like mind and talents. All Travelers are now your kin, and you, theirs. Now, the Hierophant has called for you to serve again. The seer demands, so you must answer.
This next task is unique. It involves stealing from one of my kind - Ametair, Lord of the Hunt, fallen member of the Court of Summer. This is what I can tell you of the task. Pray at the Hierophant Shrine, and receive their blessed wisdom.

when asked: What's the next theft?

I know of him. He is the Lord of the Chase - a member of the Court of Summer, once. A Fae of some import. But his title is a thing of artifice, nothing more. We shall show him and the Summer Court that such pomp is meaningless.

when asked about Ametair, Lord of the Hunt.

They are enchanted. The powers they confer to their wearer are rumored to be potent, but I do not know what they are capable of. They are ancient things, I know that. Doubtless they are immensely valuable for Ametair to treasure them so

when asked about Buru's Boots.

May the wind be at your back.

Once completed 'The Silent Step':

The boots do not seem to have weathered the separation from their master well. Still, they are in hand, as ordered. The Hierophant is pleased to have a thief like you in their service. It brings us power. There is a new task. But this one comes from me. Grim Onwig has not returned from a mission of his. I fear that he may have been captured.

upon your return from Arduath.

You must find Grim and return him to us. From what I've seen of your work, you have the best chance of anyone in camp. Grim is a close ally and a talented Traveler - his safe return is your top priority.

when asked: How can I help Grim?

The Hierophant ordained him to steal an ancient book, called the Missives of Sable, from a stronghold held by Jottun. It seemed a relatively easy task: Jottun have no need of books, after all. They are fiercely territorial, however.

when asked: What was Grim's mission?

He was to go to Ohn's Stand, in Lorca-Rane. I've no doubt that you will find him there. And you must hurry to him. Once crossed, his captors will not take long before they decide to deal with him. Be careful; there is something unnatural at work here.

when asked: Where can I find Grim?

Ending 'Jailbreak' and beginning 'Something Borrowed':

You have freed Grim. That was well done of you. I heard that he is now on a mission of his own, but I know not where. I wish him well. But his accusations of the Hierophant's betrayal are disconcerting. Would the Hierophant truly go so far to quell one voice of dissension? Your jobs here are finished. It is time you go to Moon Camp, in the Plains of Erathell. The leader of that camp, Irion Tal, will have work waiting.
You must away from these woods, through the Plains of Erathell. Nestled on the coast is Moon Camp.

when asked about the location of Moon Camp.

Moon Camp is a Traveler's base in the Plains of Erathell. There is much opportunity there, for a thief of your caliber.

when asked about Moon Camp.

You have lived enough of our ways to understand, perhaps. The Hierophant is the ruler of the Travelers, as you know. Where is the freedom in acquiescing to another's will? We profit from the Hierophant's wisdom, but pay for it in service. It is a high cost.

when asked about The Hierophant.


  • The phrase used by this character to bid you farewell : "May the road rise to meet you", is a verse taking from an Irish prayer entitled "An Irish Blessing", which was often sung by travelers and pilgrims as a sort of protective chant.
  • Crilgarin is the only Fae who has joined a mortal faction.